Difference Between Sheets and Roll Labels

Published on January 14, 2023

clear bottle with label on it along with roll of labels next to it

When buying label materials for the first time, what initially appears relatively straightforward quickly proves to be anything but.

The scale of your activities will determine the best labeling strategy for your company. Are any of your items packaged in-house, or has your operation automated as it has grown in size and speed? The two primary production methods for custom labels are sheet and roll labels. The distinction between the two is crucial when attaching labels to products.

The good news is that, depending on your preferences, Label Goat offers custom sheet and roll labels. Roll labels coiled around a three-inch core are the standard choice. It will be simple to manage an automatic applicator with this standard size, whether you choose straightforward hand-operated equipment, a fully automated system, or assistance from a third-party partner.

What are Sheet Labels?

In essence, sheet labels are merely stickers on a piece of paper that are simple to put and remove from their backing. Are you a newly established small business? You may be setting aside money for product labeling. In this situation, you might think about sheet labels. For particular situations, such as seasonal, short-run products, sheet labels are an affordable, helpful solution. Products made in small and limited quantities are also suitable for sheet labels.

Application is crucial. Sheet labels can be the best option if you intend to apply your sticker labels manually. Label application machines cannot apply these labels. Look for paper sizes, colors, and varieties, such as high gloss or matte.

Various cheap roll labels on a blue background

What are Roll Labels?

Roll labels are continuous strips of stickers wound around a plastic or cardboard spool. Like stickers on a sheet, these stickers often have the same adhesives and backing. These are reasonably priced for companies that need longer runs and need to order stickers in large quantities. The more sense using the roll makes, the longer you keep the same brand label.

How you want to use your labels is another factor you should consider when choosing. The roll labels are necessary for the application procedure if you’re using a label application machine. Consider the number of stickers you’ll be ordering. A decent rule of thumb is to use roll labels if you require printed labels that cost more than $200. You can create any size and shape of custom roll labels. The only restriction is your imagination, and there are many materials to pick from, including translucent plastic and glossy paper.

Differences between Sheets and Roll Labels

There are several factors to consider before deciding between roll or sheet labels. We have outlined a few characteristics that can distinguish the two label or sticker types to help you decide which choice is ideal for your labels.

Printing Quantity

The number of labels you plan to print will typically influence which of the two sticker types you select. For instance, label sheets would be better if you only needed to print 100 stickers, while label rolls do not allow for small-scale printing. On the other hand, label rolls are the best option for printing in quantity because you can print up to 1,000,000 stickers on them!

Budget Friendly

Typically, label rolls are more economical. In essence, the price decreases as you print more labels! For instance, as most industries mass-produce their products, they typically mass-create the labels that go with them. They will use label rolls instead because they are more affordable and allow for bulk printing.

Color Options

Process printing or spot color (Pantone) can produce labels (CMYK). You can use these printing techniques to print label rolls, giving them a larger range of colors.

Time to Print

It depends on the situation regarding speed; a sticker sheet may be a sprint, while a sticker roll may be a marathon. You can print sticker rolls in large quantities quickly. However, you can print a few sticker sheets if you require stickers immediately. Then, when things have calmed down, purchase sticker rolls to print the remaining sets of stickers.

Level of Quality

Sticker rolls are typically preferable if you want to choose uniformity and quality. Each sticker is produced individually using high-quality materials like specialized ink.

The Right Time to Use Sheet Labels

Sheet labels are a good solution for particular circumstances, as well as for small enterprises just starting. Sheet labels are a simple, inexpensive way to test a new design or brand for your items. Before committing to a whole run of labels you might not like, try out various colors, fonts, shapes, and materials and obtain feedback from family, friends, and others.

For seasonal products, sheet labels are also fantastic. Sheet labels can be the best option if you need a small quantity of your Pumpkin Spice candle labels for the fall. Regarding products like cannabis labels that often change their components or legal requirements, sheet labels may be a good choice.

If you select a label supplier that allows you to save designs, like Avery, printable blank sheet labels let you rapidly buy and print out labels as needed. With stored label designs and templates, you can print high-quality labels quickly if you’re under time pressure.

The Right Time to Use Roll Labels

Roll labels are a cost-effective solution to ordering large quantities of labels or stickers. Businesses that require longer runs and spend more on their labels are quite fond of them. Generally speaking, you should be good to go if you order more than $250 worth of labels. You save more money the more you purchase.

Roll labels are necessary if you use a labeling machine for your items. The good news is that a range of dispensers is available to meet your present budget if you still need to purchase a label applicator. You should also adhere to a few rules when picking the best label applicator. Roll labels can make the process easier even if you don’t have a labeling machine and are applying your product labels by hand. To make unwinding and peeling labels from rolls simple, hang them from a rod or towel rack.


Which kind of sticker do you think is best for your project printing stickers? We at Label Goat can print all types of labels you require in excellent quality in various sizes, shapes, materials, and more! Select the appropriate label for any sticker project, and your stickers will be printed and sent to your home.

Technically, both techniques have the potential to lead to printed labels that are very beautiful. The only difference is the color reproduction that is feasible with a regular sheet of labels. Sheet labels are excellent for leaving a lasting impression because you have no restrictions on the color or complexity of the design you select. Label Goat is a leading supplier of cost-efficient and high-quality roll labels and custom stickers.