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Ignite your candles with exquisite labels exuding elegance and sophistication. Help us help you portray the essence of your brand through vibrant candle labels and stand out from the rest.



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Paper Types

Permanent / Removable BOPP

Permanent / Removable BOPP

White BOPP (polypropylene)

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Endless acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Long-lasting

White BOPP Removable

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Non-permanent acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Long-lasting

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Long-lasting

White Paper

White Paper

  • Cost-effective
  • Best for indoor use
  • It can be written on
  • Best used for products that do not come in contact with oil, water, or moisture

Candle Labels Overview

Candle labels are the brand ambassadors bringing your homemade scented candles to life while captivating the attention of potential customers. They can have different shapes and are a part of the packaging. They captivate the eyes through vibrant aesthetics and the nose with their soothing aroma. They tell a story, stir feelings, and show off what makes your candles special. Label Goat offers custom labels for all individuals, whether you’re a candle enthusiast looking to personalize your collection or an entrepreneur looking to brand your product. Creatively choose the label’s materials, colors, graphics, and fonts, and infuse your candles with individuality.

Different Types of Candle Labels

Candle labels come in a clear, metallic, or blank paper type, each serving a specific purpose and aesthetic appeal. Made with clear BOPP, transparent candle labels are an excellent choice for scented candles sold in glass containers or jars. They showcase the beauty of the candle while keeping things classy and minimalistic. On the other hand, metallic foil labels exude luxury and convey a sense of high quality, perfect for creating a premium look. Their shiny reflective nature adds an element of sophistication, grabbing customers’ attention. Blank candle labels offer space for customization and writing personal notes when gifting candles to loved ones. Plus, they assist in the easy organization of candle collections.


Benefits of Candle Labels

Consumers nowadays have become more discerning and seek luxury and professionalism in their purchases. So to convey a sense of professionalism and elegance, labels on scented candles have become the norm. Candle labels transform your plain boring candle making it vibrant and exciting. They are a powerful marketing tool capturing the attention of customers. The brand stickers on the scented wax inform people about its origin, whether it’s a handmade artisan candle or a luxurious decorative piece. From the flickering flame to the delightful scent, these labels ensure that consumers connect with your candles and brand on a deeper level.

Shows product transparency

Candle labels spill the beans on all the vital information a consumer should know before buying it, such as ingredients, candle weight, fragrance, and burn time. They provide an inside scoop on what the buyers will bring home. The transparent labels with clear BOPP highlight the candle’s true beauty and make it look more valuable while helping people make an informed purchase.

Retail and Wholesale Requirements

It’s easier to collaborate with wholesalers and retailers when your candles are labeled. These stickers contain clear information about the retailer or distributor with phrases such as “Manufactured for” or “Distributed by.” It promotes stronger partnerships with your retailers, leading to smoother sales and increased monthly revenue.

Professional and Consistent Presentation

Consistency and professionalism are the keys to establishing a solid brand image for your candles and making them more appealing to potential buyers. You can achieve this professional and unified look with a candle label. They integrate your logo, brand colors, typography, and overall aesthetics, maintaining consistency so buyers will easily recognize the product.

Storytelling and Emotional Connection

Candles have this enchanting magic to stir emotions and set a serene and peaceful mood. Candle labels add to this feeling by telling the story behind the candle and connecting with the customers on a deeper level. Labels create a vintage, nature-loving, or luxurious modern ambiance depending on their aesthetics and the aesthetics of the candles.

Community and Social Impact

Candle labels can spark the flames of sustainable practices and social causes among people. You can use eco-friendly or recyclable materials like BOPP on your label to spread the message about pollution and climate change. Your brand can advocate for promoting sustainability and encouraging customers to make conscious choices. So, do your part for the community by adopting recyclable candle labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are candle labels necessary?

Yes, candle labels are necessary to meet regulatory requirements and comply with the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA). Candle labels are more than a decorative or branding element; they provide essential information to consumers about potential hazards and the safe handling of candles. Information such as the product name, manufacturer information, candle weight, ingredients, and potential allergens is inscribed on the label. It helps customers make choices aligning with their interests and personal preferences. Labels establish a sense of trust between your brand and customers. Buyers appreciate your transparency and are more likely to trust your brand because of comprehensive labeling.

Can I print my candle labels or should I use a professional printing service?

Yes, you can print your candle labels, but using a professional printing service ensures high-quality results, saving you time and effort. You can give your labels the same DIY look. However, professional designing and printing services like Label Goats have the expertise, equipment, and resources to deliver high-quality labels satisfying your needs. You can choose from different label materials, colors, finishing cuts, and customization options. And the best part? The print comes out looking just like it does on the screen! Moreover, printing services offer cost-effective solutions to keep your wallets happy. The more you order, the more discounts you’ll get. So, place an order today!

What information should be included on candle labels?

Candle labels should include the brand name, candle weight, burn time, fragrance, safety warnings, and manufacturer information. This information is essential to inform consumers about the product and comply with state law. You should focus on the following details:

Product and Brand Name:
This helps customers identify your product and creates brand recognition.
Ingredients and Fragrance:
They are essential for people to identify what they’re buying and make informed purchases.
Candle Weight and Burn Time:
Weight and burn time give an idea about the candle’s size and value and how long one can enjoy it
Safety Warnings:
This ensures customer safety and complies with the law, keeping you from legal problems.
Manufacturer Details:
Transparent details about the manufacturer and distributor establish trust.

Can candle labels be removed or repositioned easily?

No, they can’t be removed or repositioned easily if you use a permanent candle label with strong adhesive ensuring long-lasting attachment. However, you can peel it off or reposition it only if you’re using a removable candle label with easy-to-peel adhesive. Label Goat offers both options according to your needs. Our removable labels are designed to be easily removed without leaving residue. It is a good option for personal use. Also, our permanent labels are more durable and can withstand heat or moisture while firmly attaching to the candle’s container. They are ideal for branding and selling your handmade scented candles.