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Label Goat offers expert guidance to ensure your beverage labels stand out. From choosing the right materials to creating killer eye-catching designs, our team will work with you to guarantee that every detail is impeccable. Let us help you brand your beverages, showcasing your brand identity and attracting customers with vibrant colors and captivating graphics.



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Paper Types

Permanent / Removable BOPP

Permanent / Removable BOPP

White BOPP (polypropylene)

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Long-lasting

White BOPP Removable

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Non-permanent acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Long-lasting

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Long-lasting

White Paper

White Paper

  • Cost-effective
  • Best for indoor use
  • Can be written on
  • Best used for products that do not come in contact with oil, water, or moisture

Beverage Label Overview

When branding and marketing a beverage, the label is one of the most important aspects. It serves as the first point of contact between the product and the consumer and can significantly impact the buying decision. It can be your brand ambassador representing your product’s quality and reputation in the market. It can build an emotional connection with the customer through images, color, and typography. A well-designed beverage label can attract attention and retain potential customers making them more likely to choose your product over competitors. Therefore, the label must be informative, visually appealing, and convey your product’s intention.

Different Types of Beverage Labels

Beverage labels come in various materials, shapes, sizes, and printing methods. Some common beverage labels available with us include Permanent or Removable BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene), White Paper, and Clear BOPP. The permanent labels are suitable for long-term use since they are resistant to water, oil, scratch, and tear and use permanent adhesive. Removable ones are suitable for temporary use as they use non-permanent adhesive. For glass bottles, jars, and similar see-through products, we recommend clear BOPP. It radiates a “no label” look while giving your brand an elegant and minimalistic style. A simple traditional white paper label is perfect if you’re on a budget. So, order today and brand your beverage with the label it deserves!

Benefits of Beverage Labels

Beverage labels play a crucial role in the success of your drink. It is an informative, branding, and safety tool that enables consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. A well-crafted beverage label can help consumers identify and distinguish your product from your rivals. It sows the seed of brand recognition, separating you from generic cliche products and giving you leverage in marketing and advertisement. Besides, they ensure safety by displaying vital warnings and precautions about the product. It helps consumers to make informed choices about their dietary preferences, allergies, and health requirements. Maintaining customer trust and subtly marketing your drink can be achieved. It’s like hitting two targets with a single arrow!

Provides Information

They are an informative tool that provides consumers with essential information regarding the product and the ingredients used. Nutritional information, allergen cautions, and instructions on how to drink the drink are also included on the label. This information lets buyers make wise judgments regarding their dietary preferences, health requirements, and beverage consumption. Also, it helps your customers avoid intolerant ingredients, saving you from a lawsuit.

Helps with Branding

Establishing a brand identity and setting a product apart from competitors can be accomplished through the creative use of beverage labels. You can showcase your brand’s character and belief with unique designs, eye-catching graphics, and suitable colors. One glance at the label, and people can identify whether it’s a refreshing summer beverage or a gamer’s energy drink.

Ensures Safety

A sip of cautionary information is served on beverage labels. It can provide vital warnings and precautions concerning the drink. It includes warnings for allergies and proper usage guidelines. It can contain strict instructions to store beverages that ensure safety and helps to preserve freshness. Thus, it saves consumers from potential health hazards.

Regulatory Compliance

Beverage companies comply with regulatory requirements and maintain customer trust by properly labeling their products. The regulatory requirement includes displaying essential information, such as manufacture and expiry date. The labels on your beverage help you comply with FDA regulations and the state’s safety regulations. Also, they assist your business in adhering to safety standards, avoiding any legal problems associated with the product.

Marketing Tool

Beverage labels are an excellent marketing tool. With the help of a well-designed brand sticker, you no longer have to spend money on fruitless marketing and advertisement. Modern, sleek, and professional beverage labels can help companies to communicate their product’s unique features and benefits, such as organic or natural ingredients. You can also use labels to promote sales or limited-time offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be on a beverage label?

At a minimum, a beverage label must include a brand name or the product’s name, a list of ingredients, the name and address of the manufacturer, and the manufacturing and expiration date. You can also include nutritional information, the net quantity of the contents, and allergen warnings on your label. If your beverage contains caffeine or is an alcoholic drink, you must give a heads-up regarding the content percentage. Many companies prefer to put in their contact information, too. Recently, a few reputed beverage brands are including a QR code on the label to digitize the information and make the label look clean and modern.

What is the most important part of a label?

The most important part of a label is the logo and brand name, which helps buyers identify the product they are looking for. An ideal brand name is unique, easy to remember, and accurately reflects the product. It can be catchy and clever to attract the customer’s attention. Graphics designers can play with the typeface, color, and spacing to give your brand the desired aesthetic. However, ensuring the product is not misleading is necessary, as this could cause legal issues. After the brand identity, the information section is essential to a label. It comprises ingredients, nutritional values, allergy warnings, expiry dates, etc. A label is incomplete without these key parts.

What are the regulations for beverage labeling?

In the United States, a beverage must follow strict guidelines set by the FDA labeling, which includes ingredient disclosure, mentioning nutritional value, and stating potential allergens. Some regulations may vary depending on the state, so consult a lawyer or a legal authority to ensure your label complies with state laws. Most states require you to mention the caffeine content of your energy drink on the label. Also, if your beverage contains alcohol, it must be explicitly mentioned on the front of the label. As a beverage manufacturer, you must ensure that your label abides by all laws in the market where it is sold.

How can I make my beverage label sustainable?

You can make your beverage label sustainable by opting for a permanent BOPP. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is a plastic film widely used for labels due to its durability and strength. It is resistant to water, oil, and other liquids. When paired with a strong acrylic water-based adhesive, the label can’t be torn or peeled off easily, ensuring that the label remains visible throughout the product’s lifecycle. Also, BOPP is recyclable and is simple to distinguish from other plastics while being recycled. Using a sustainable and recyclable label, you can inform your customers that your company supports nature and believes in climate change.