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Elevate your brand with eye-catching cannabis labels to showcase your unique style and values. We are committed to creating visually stunning labels that comply with all relevant state and federal regulations. From elegant colors to killer typography, we’re here to ensure your hemp labels exceed your expectations.



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Paper Types

Permanent / Removable BOPP

Permanent / Removable BOPP

White BOPP (polypropylene)

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

White BOPP Removable

  • Water, oil, scratch and tear resistant
  • Non-permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP

  • Water, oil, scratch and tear resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

White Paper

White Paper

  • Cost effective
  • Best for indoor use
  • Can be written on
  • Best used for products that do not come in contact with oil, water, or moisture

Cannabis Label Overview

With the legalization of cannabis in many states, the market is more competitive than ever, so it’s essential to use irresistible labels to market your product. A well-designed cannabis label acts as a signature look for your brand, giving it a unique identity that distinguishes your product and resonates with the target audience. However, these eye-catching labels should meet all relevant state and federal regulations. A state-approved label is paramount for branding and marketing cannabis products such as infused skincare, essential oils, food, beverages, etc. These labels testify to your brand’s quality, so don’t compromise and give your hemp products the label they deserve!

Different Types of Cannabis Labels

Cannabis labels come in various paper types, shapes, sizes, and colors, each serving a different purpose. The paper types are available in permanent or removable BOPP, white paper, and clear BOPP. Each of them offers a unique look to your product. As for the shape and size, the most popular ones are roll labels and sheet labels. Sheet labels are just like stickers on paper, easy to apply, and suitable for small-scale production. On the other hand, roll labels are continuous strips of stickers wound around a roll. They can be applied with machines and are used for larger production. If you need recommendations, then feel free to reach out to us!

Benefits of Cannabis Labels

Cannabis is one of the most regulated industries in the world. So, properly labeling the commodities is essential to set foot in the market without legal issues. A well-designed cannabis label helps with branding and ensures compliance with the industry’s strict regulations. Also, it assists your customers in verifying that the product is genuine. You won’t have any trouble selling if the label’s visual appeal and the product’s quality resonate with them. Otherwise, it’ll be left behind to bite the dust. Besides, labeling ensures traceability and quality control of the product, providing you with legal protection in case you bump your head into any legal obstacles.

Compliance with Regulations

The legislature doesn’t joke around when it comes to laws regarding marijuana products. The labels on the commodities comply with federal and state regulations, ensuring consumer safety and the product’s legality. Compliance with regulations ensures the goods are manufactured ethically and sustainably, building trust and credibility among customers and the industry.

Safety and Health Information

Proper labeling of hemp products benefits buyers by making them aware of their potential risks. Cannabis labels are engraved with safety and health information such as potential allergic responses, side effects, or drug interactions. It offers proper usage and dosage recommendations, so customers can play it safe and avoid harm.

Consumer Education

Cannabis labels spill the tea regarding the strain, potency, and recommended dosage of the marijuana items. Consumers also learn about the product’s origin, including its growing method and processing techniques. This helps them make an educated decision that aligns with their preferences and health needs when buying your product.

Traceability and Quality Control

You can have a tight grip on quality control through the barcodes and batch numbers on the labels. It allows you to track the ingredients used in each production batch. This maintains product consistency, leading to consumer satisfaction. If any inconsistency is found while testing the product, you can trace the batch number and handle that batch swiftly, preventing any losses.

Legal Protection

A state-approved cannabis label protects you and your business from any unfair lawsuits as it provides evidence of the product’s compliance with regulations. This helps establish your product’s authenticity in the market, assuring buyers they are legit. Your label is the trademark that prevents counterfeit goods and protects you from liabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Cannabis Labels Help with Consumer Education?

Cannabis labels can help with consumer education by providing clear and accurate information about the product, its origin, potency, handling instructions, and safe dosage. Consumers can make informed decisions and use products safely with this info. They can scan the QR code on the label, redirecting them to pages with detailed instructions on safely using and storing the product. This is helpful for people who have never used hemp commodities before and are unsure about their usage and dosage. Also, the label informs and cautions them regarding the amount of THC and CBD in the product, giving customers the upper hand in choosing the required items.

What Information is Legally Required on a Cannabis Label?

Legally required information on a cannabis label includes the product name, net weight, THC and CBD content, and warning statements. Most states that have legalized marijuana require this information to authorize the item for sale. However, some states mandate you put the origin of marijuana, the growing method used, the days it took for harvesting, and the processing technique followed. This provides a deeper understanding of the health effects of the commodities, and consumers can make educated decisions while buying the product. We suggest you also put your company’s contact information on the back of the label so you can receive feedback to improve your product further.

Can Cannabis Labels be Used for Marketing and Branding?

Yes, Cannabis labels can be used for marketing and branding by incorporating distinctive designs and colors that highlight your brand’s principles and values. Graphic designers can use their knowledge of color harmony, typography, and spacing to craft visually attractive labels that evoke certain emotions and feelings in consumers. This tempts your customers into buying the product leading to more sales and revenue. Furthermore, by including catchy brand messages and witty taglines, your product can stay on the customer’s mind for a long time. You can highlight special offers and promotions on labels by including the phrases like “limited edition”, “discounted price”, or “buy one get one free” to encourage people to buy your hemp merchandise. Market your products with labels now!

How can Cannabis Labels Help with Product Differentiation and Branding?

They can help by providing a unique, memorable, and recognizable design that represents your brand and sets your product apart from competitors. The distinctive brand logo, images, and label patterns help people identify and distinguish your product from the counterfeits on the market. Moreover, you can add a QR code on your label, redirecting people to your official website and proving your authenticity. Products are made in the factory, but a brand is created in the mind of consumers. One can establish a brand identity with the help of a visually appealing and vibrant label. This makes the clients remember your product anytime they see something resembling your brand colors.