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Unlock your brand’s full potential with roll labels, a versatile adhesive solution adding style and convenience to your labeling needs in a rolled format.



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Paper Types

Permanent / Removable BOPP

Permanent / Removable BOPP

White BOPP (polypropylene)

  • Water, oil, scratch and tear resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

White BOPP Removable

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Non-permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP

  • Water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

White Paper

White Paper

  • Cost effective
  • Best for indoor use
  • Can be written on
  • Best used for products that do not come in contact with oil, water, or moisture

Roll Labels Overview

Roll labels are adhesive labels attached to a roll, allowing for easy application. They are an integral part of current labeling solutions revolutionizing how products are branded and packaged. These labels bring unbeatable convenience and versatility, like a tightly wound coil. You can promote your products, showcase your brand, and even convey important information regarding the ingredients with a label’s help. The graphical elements employed in such labels are professionally designed to capture your attention and evoke certain emotions. Each element, from color theory to graphics and illustrations, conveys a specific message creating a visual identity that aligns with the brand. And the best part? They are printed on rolls. So apply them with the help of a machine making labeling a breeze. Moreover, the versatility and purpose of roll labels extend far beyond their aesthetic appeal. Labels in the roll are associated with practicality and ease of use. You’ll have nothing to worry about, whether it’s storing, dispensing, or even applying the label.

Different Types of Roll Labels

Label rolls are available on Label GOAT in countless shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be categorized based on their application and the material used. Application-wise, there are food labels, beverage labels, cosmetic labels, container labels, cannabis labels, and packaging labels. Each variant occupies a niche in disparate industries. As for the materials, we have permanent and removable BOPP among the popular choices. BOPP is a great choice for branding and long-term labeling due to its oil, water, scratch, and tear resistance. For a more cost-effective option, white paper labels work like magic. Label Goats also offers customized product labels to meet your needs.

The Importance of Roll Labels

Label rolls offer numerous advantages to entrepreneurs who want their products to shine. Product labels are the first point of contact between your brand and customers. So having them in tip-top shape is necessary to leave a lasting impression on them. The convenient roll format allows hassle-free storage on rolls or tubes, eliminating the risk of tears and folds. This feature saves space in your workspace and ensures that each label remains safely and neatly organized until it’s ready for use. An aesthetically appealing and well-designed label without wrinkles and tears can entice and allure consumers to try your product. Also, labeling becomes effortless with rolls, whether using a labeling machine or applying them by hand. Hence the merits of custom roll labels are endless.

Benefits of Getting Roll Labels

Roll labels hit the nail as a versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses to label and brand their products. These sticky labels are neatly wound onto rolls contributing to operational efficiency, brand consistency, and heightened customer engagement. Label rolls are indispensable tools for businesses seeking a streamlined approach to product labeling. They’ll cater to your diverse labeling requirements, whether you’re a small-scale business or an entrepreneur selling handmade goods. Understanding these advantages can help you leverage them to establish a strong brand presence in the market. Some significant benefits of getting roll stickers on your products include:-


Roll labels are like chameleons and can effortlessly adapt to your business needs. These labels seamlessly integrate into product packaging and promotional collateral due to the availability of extensive customization options. They come in all shapes and sizes, with various materials, making them as versatile as a Swiss knife. Roll stickers serve multiple purposes, such as branding, product identification, ingredients, allergens information, and barcodes for batch and shipment tracking. Due to their strong adhesive properties, they can easily attach to any material, including glass, plastic, paper, and metal. It ensures the label can be used in any business sector, whether food and beverage, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.


Roll labels offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses with substantial product volumes. They enhance operational efficiency by reducing labor costs and saving valuable time with labeling machines. These stickers also minimize material waste, printing and cutting them to the perfect size, making every square inch count. The quick and time-saving pick, peel, and apply process increases efficiency. Large-scale orders often attract volume discounts meaning you’ll receive a larger economic advantage. Custom roll labels are a wise economic choice for labeling in bulk. Smile on your way to the bank because, with these labels, you’re making the most out of your money.

Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency is a must in cultivating a robust and unmistakable brand identity. And the secret to nurturing such an identity is product labels. These labels enable you to integrate consistent designs, colors, fonts, logos, and messaging across your products. Such consistency catches the consumer’s eyes and stays in their subconscious memory, reminding them of your brand anytime they come across your brand colors or patterns. This subconscious association builds familiarity and trust, increasing the approachability of your product. Attaching the rolls to the product’s packaging or container helps create a seamless brand experience and establish customer recognition and loyalty. Plus, it acts as a marketing asset.


Customizing your stickers with your business principles and values is easy with these labels. Custom labels provide a versatile canvas for expressing your brand’s identity. You may choose from white BOPP roll labels for a clean and professional look or waterproof roll labels for added durability. Also, square roll labels provide a distinctive shape that separates your brand. You can also go for a sleek transparent appearance with clear BOPP roll labels. Incorporating your brand graphics, logos, and visual elements guarantees that your labels reflect your brand identity. The possibilities are endless, and the only restriction is your imagination. So, customize your product stickers to align with your business motto and resonate with your target audience.


Labels must withstand various environmental challenges like moisture, temperature fluctuations, and rough handling. Label rolls stand out among all other labels with their durability and ability to stay intact throughout the product’s life. You can guarantee your product stickers’ quality and aesthetic charm even when faced with adverse conditions by choosing custom materials. White BOPP roll labels and clear BOPP roll labels are water, oil, scratch, and tear-resistant, preventing smudges and fading away of the label with time. Moreover, you can enhance their durability through gloss or matte coatings. These finishes add a layer of protection, making the labels more resistant to scratches and general wear and tear.

Professional Appearance

The sleek appearance of label rolls adds that extra “wow” factor to products and packaging. They contribute to a refined and sophisticated appearance, especially with Label Goat’s printing capabilities and usage of high-quality materials. The stickers’ adhesive remains intact even when faced with harsh conditions during shipment and storage, verifying the products are visually appealing. Blank roll labels are easy to apply and ensure no wrinkles or wonky placements. This level of attention to detail gives your goods an extra fancy and high-class look. Consumers are more likely to associate products with a professional appearance with higher quality increasing the brand value.


The rolled format of the labels enables faster application, whether done manually or with labeling machines, saving time and effort. This streamlined approach contributes to improved workflow and operational efficacy. Your business won’t have to depend on manual labor minimizing the risk of errors and misalignments. You’ll get a consistent and professional look without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, they optimize your inventory management by incorporating the essential information about batch and production numbers in barcodes. It allows you to identify and locate specific products and streamline the stock rotation leading to more efficient godowns and warehouses. Buyers, too, can efficiently access information about your product with a QR code on the label redirecting to your website.


Maintaining consistency across various aspects of labeling, such as design, printing, material, and application, is essential for your product to stand out and be memorable. Adopting cookie-cutter label designs allows businesses to forge a cohesive visual identity promoting brand recognition. It involves consistent fonts, colors, and graphics aligning with the brand’s aesthetics. Moreover, the label’s printing consistency guarantees that each roll is produced with the same quality and accuracy. Whether small or large, the labels will always be printed without compromise. They will also have consistency in alignment, positioning, and spacing since they’re applied with the help of a machine.

Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is crucial for businesses to confirm smooth operation and avoid issues such as overstocking or understocking. Product labels can effectively monitor and regulate inventory by incorporating product codes, barcodes, batch numbers, expiry dates, and other essential info. They serve as visual indicators, facilitating effortless inventory counts and restocking procedures. Barcodes on labels can facilitate effective stock rotation, especially in industries where product freshness or expiry dates are crucial, such as food and beverage and cosmetics. Moreover, custom roll labels with smart barcodes and QR codes can help you automate inventory management. So, don’t let your sales take a toll due to poor inventory management, and opt for smart labels.

Easy Application

Applying label rolls is a piece of cake! They are efficient and hassle-free, whether rolling them on by hand or letting labeling machines lend a hand. They are rolled around a central tube or a core for easy storage and accessibility. This configuration is helpful for small-scale business owners who have limited storage. Plus, these rolls’ easy-to-peel and attach feature saves your time while giving your goods a sleek and professional look. Their adhesive facilitates a smooth detachment from the roll, allowing for effortless handling and positioning onto surfaces or materials. These labels will attach seamlessly whether you’re attaching them on a glass, plastic, paper, or metallic surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do roll labels have minimum order quantities?

They have minimum order quantities to ensure cost-effective production and efficiency in manufacturing processes. Label roll production includes many steps, including picking the right materials, printing, cutting, and giving the final touch with a gloss or matte coating. So, to streamline the production process and offset setup costs and associated expenditures, label manufacturers commonly establish minimum order quantities.

What is the benefit of ordering a roll of labels vs. a page?

Ordering label rolls is advantageous regarding cost-effectiveness, convenience, and compatibility with labeling machines. They are manufactured in larger quantities than a page label, so you’ll get a volume discount. Plus, they can be applied with the help of a machine, so manual labor is unnecessary. As for small-scale businesses, roll stickers will take less space for storage and are more practical.

What are BOPP labels?

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene and is one of the most popular labeling materials in all industries due to its durability. They’re made from a thin material providing flexibility to different container shapes and sizes. They’re also excellent for printing allowing for high-quality graphics and vibrant colors showcasing your brand. BOPPs are also low in toxins, making them suitable for food and beverage applications.

Is it as easy to apply roll vs. page labels?

Yes, applying label rolls is generally easier than applying page labels. Applying blank roll labels is a straightforward process all you have to do is place them on your automated machine and get it rolling. You can even apply them manually if you don’t own a labeling machine. Just peel the stickers off the backing paper and carefully stick them onto your product. Slightly press your hand in an upward motion to avoid wrinkles.

How many labels are on a roll?

They contain varying labels depending on the size and dimensions of the labels themselves. You can expect up to 2,550 labels per roll in a generic 200mm diameter roll, whereas it can go up to 6,600 in a 300mm diameter roll. You can print up to 1,000,000 stickers on them based on your needs.

What are popular label sizes?

4”x6”, 4”x4”, and 2”x2” are some of the most popular label sizes. These sizes align with standard packaging dimensions and regulatory guidelines. However, the label you’ll require depends on the size of your product and the container/packaging it comes with. If you are confused about what size to order, please contact our designers.

What is structured product labeling?

Structured product labeling (SPL) is a standardized format for defining the contents of your label approved by Health Level Seven (HL7) and adopted by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). This structured format ensures that product information on the label is organized, easily accessible, and readable. It manages inscribing information about the ingredients, safe use of the product, and allergen warnings.

I can’t find the size or shape I need. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we accept custom orders for labels, allowing you to create the size, shape, and design matching your requirements. Our team works closely with you to create a tailor-fit label for your needs. Label Goats has covered whether you need waterproof roll labels with unconventional designs or square roll labels with unique shape cutouts to match your brand aesthetics.

What does it mean to private label a product?

Private labeling refers to the branding and selling of products manufactured by a third party under its own company’s brand name. It is also known as white labeling or store branding. It allows companies to sell products to consumers without necessarily manufacturing them in-house. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands opt for this strategy as producing such goods may be impossible.

What are product labeling requirements?

In the United States, FDA mandates product labels to include ingredients used, calories and nutrition facts, country of origin, and allergen warnings. Other important requirements include manufacture, expiry date, and the net quantity of contents. These regulations or requirements promote transparency and assist consumers in making an informed buying decision. In addition to the federal law, some states may have specific requirements for marketing and selling certain products.

What size label should I get for a 10ml roller bottle?

For a 10ml roller bottle, a label size of 2.375 x 1.25 inches is recommended to ensure proper coverage and readability. It allows for sufficient coverage and visibility while accommodating all the essential information, branding logos, and any FDA-regulated texts. This generalized value can vary depending on your brand’s aesthetics and the bottle shape you’ll apply the labels to.

Which is the most durable roll label material for food packaging?

Vinyl is the most durable material for labeling your food packaging, and removable/permanent BOPP and clear BOPP are some other durable materials in the industry. Food products often come in contact with various liquids like water, oil, sauce, etc. Less durable labels can get wet or smudge when in contact with such viscous fluids. Vinyl labels tackle this by offering extraordinary resistance to water, oil, scratches, and tears. They withstand these conditions and remain intact on the packaging without losing charm and aesthetics. BOPP labels are also designed to withstand such harsh handling. Moreover, they use acrylic-based adhesive, providing a strong attachment between the label and packaging that can withstand heat.