Why Label GOAT

Every industry has countless brands competing against each other for recognition and patrons. However, it takes more than just a compelling product to draw attention. Things like branding, the tactile feel, and the appearance of the product packaging go a long way in promoting both recognition and reputation. That’s where Label GOAT comes in. We help you deliver a product with a label that holds Identity and character. To deliver a marketable product, you first need to understand the nuances of human psychology. Individuals are favorably disposed to cogent visual stimuli. With quality materials and appealing aesthetics, our labels will help you establish your own vibrant, distinctive, and charismatic brand identity. A good product merits an equally satisfying brand personality.

What is Label GOAT?

Label GOAT is a premium label printing company ready to make labels and stickers be the solution for various product types. Whatever your branding requirements, our labels will render that responsibility. If you’re in the market for bespoke label designs or want your product to don a distinctive aesthetic that resonates with the character of your brand, we have you covered. Item labeling and packaging are arguably a critical part of customer experience, and Label GOAT helps your business deliver a more refined and polished visual experience for your products.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve various businesses to develop an identity for your products. We exist to service potential businesses or emerging enterprises in the US and help them build a reputation for themselves. The entire framework of our business is centered around this particular agenda- allowing your products to represent your brand’s spirit aesthetically. Which is why our prices reflect our motivations. We are offering reasonable prices for the quality of the products we distribute.

Why We Started

We simply rose to the occasion because we assumed responsibility for providing a valuable service with whatever resources and expertise we had. We could provide value to emerging businesses through our skills and niche product category. Throughout our tenure as an organization, we have stuck to our objective of being an asset for most small and medium-sized businesses and their growing efforts. Because of these commitments, we have stuck with our ideal of providing economical prices to our customers. The reception we have received demonstrates our inception has been a worthwhile and successful investment.

Benefits of Shopping at Label GOAT

Label GOATs provides the best bang for the buck and market-leading quality. We incentivize small businesses to purchase solely from us by aggressively pricing our goods. Our customers need not worry about authenticity regardless of our inexpensive pricing scheme. We use only the most robust materials to fabricate labels. Durable materials also add a layer of ruggedness. This makes them appropriate for application on items likely exposed to the elements. Besides the sturdy nature of our products, they are also guaranteed to be eco-friendly. Our Paper labels are biodegradable, while our BOPP labels are entirely recyclable. Label GOAT also offers unmatched customization and buying options. We provide custom designs and three different paper varieties with distinct finishes. You can pick and choose based on your visual preference or budget. Our labels can be considered a marketing medium that your consumers will use to gauge your brand’s identity. In more ways than one, Label GOAT’s Labels can help deliver a holistic experience for your consumers.

Fast Label Turnaround

Our orders are processed in no more than three business days (ideally less unless special considerations are placed for particular orders). We also offer an expedited processing time of just 24 hours for clients looking to hasten their product delivery. Our printers are kept on standby, ready to be deployed as soon as an order is placed. Label GOAT boasts a robust infrastructure that allows for industry-leading product turnaround.

High-Quality Labels

For the prices our labels command, no compromises have been made in the quality of the materials we use in manufacturing. Thanks to a sophisticated printing process, we can comfortably assure our customers our labels are durable and likely to retain their prints for a very long duration, even when exposed to the elements. Additionally, the adhesive we use is guaranteed to outlast the shelf-life of most products. We have separate label categories suitable for different scenarios of product placements. Opt for our BOPP-made labels if you’re looking for surprisingly durable and scratch-resistant labels that might come into contact with substances like oil, water, and grease.

Customization Options

Label GOAT offers elaborate customization options based on your labeling needs. Your labels can be custom-made and tailored to reflect your brand’s identity, from the design to the materials used. Accentuate your brand with vibrant colors, or choose a muted and minimalistic design; the choice is yours. Pick between three different material finishes with their texture and feel. Need a layer of lamination over your labels? Sure. Unsure of the kind of shape you want to use? Let us digitally break it down for you and pick any appealing options. The customization doesn’t end there. There’s plenty more to choose from. How would you like the textured finish of your labels? Matte or glossy, either at your disposal. And if you need rollable labels instead of regular sheets, you’re in luck. We will process and ship any customized order in three days.

Competitive Pricing

Based on the customizations and materials, our prices are arguably the most competitive in the US. Our business philosophy has always remained the same. We are an enterprise dedicated to providing small businesses with an economical alternative, and we specialize particularly in delivering cost-effective labeling options. In a sense, we provide more than just a tangible product; we also deliver alongside our labels a branding approach. Despite this facility, we have not added a premium to our prices.

Excellent Customer Service

Label GOAT takes customer feedback seriously. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a holistic and seamless experience. Therefore, to the best of our capacity, we engage with our customers, offer suggestions, and enquire about their grievances. Once our products leave our shelves, we ensure our customers are satisfied with our product. Suppose in case our customers find our products need improvement in any way. In that case, we have professional support agents assigned precisely to deliver personalized support tailored for each particular grievance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of labels does Label GOAT offer?

We offer labels of three material textures- White BOPP, Semi-Transparent/ Clear BOPP, and Paper. Besides these materials, labels can be customized to have a glossy or matte finish. Our product stack includes labeling for available packages, beverages, bottles, boxes, containers, cosmetic items, and more. We also offer custom stickers and labels of all sizes. Labels can be customized to scale with your product’s dimensions or your business’s particular interests and branding to depict relevant text, designs, colors, and shapes.

Can I get a quote for custom labels?

Yes, you can get a quote if you have any specific requirements that need to be addressed. Fill out the form for a custom quote with your chosen specifications. If you have a design you would like to be featured, upload the File (JPEG, PNG, PSD, ai, etc.) by clicking the “Select File”.

Does Label GOAT offer any eco-friendly label options?

Yes, Label GOAT offers biodegradable paper material as an option for your labels. Although it has to be reminded that paper labels are prone to damage when exposed to water and oils. However, our other material options, i.e., BOPP and derivatives, are durable and fully recyclable plastics.

How does Label GOAT handle customer feedback and suggestions?

We have a team to attend to our customer’s feedback and suggestions. Our support team acknowledges each customer’s unique needs and concerns and strives to deliver timely solutions. Our existing clients are requested to create an account for themselves through which they can track their orders, place new orders, generate support tickets, etc. If you have any queries or suggestions, kindly fill out the contact form or email us at info@labelgoat.com.