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Allow your company the luxury of unordinary and unique brand identity with custom printed labels. We offer an assortment of materials and finishes to choose from. Help yourself with the kind that perfectly resonates with your brand’s character.

Paper Types

Permanent / Removable BOPP

Permanent / Removable BOPP

White BOPP (polypropylene)

  • Water, oil, scratch and tear resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

White BOPP Removable

  • Water, oil, scratch and tear resistant
  • Non-permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP

  • Water, oil, scratch and tear resistant
  • Permanent acrylic water based adhesive
  • Long lasting

White Paper

White Paper

  • Cost effective
  • Best for indoor use
  • Can be written on
  • Best used for products that do not come in contact with oil, water, or moisture

Custom Label Overview

Custom labels add a layer of visible uniqueness and distinction to your products. With custom labels, you can particularize the kind of accents your brand would like to manifest outwardly. Your products can don minimalistic design elements if that’s indeed what your brand identity reflects. Or, opt for conspicuously vivid packaging instead- The possibilities are endless. We essentially award your brand the creative liberty to choose how you would like your products to strike your customers’ perception. Material and paper types, surface finishes, colors, and sizes are available. Customize according to your preferences, or provide us with your design ideas, and we’ll materialize them.

Benefits of Buying Custom Labels

Customers don’t arbitrarily distinguish between products solely based on the contents inside the package/ container. Arguably, visual impressions also play an important role when examining a product for the first time. An iconic-looking packaging goes a long way in maintaining a solid first impression. But besides the obvious implications to the attractiveness and allure of your products, custom labels offer more benefits that might not be apparent at first glance. The overall clarity of what you want your product to represent can be improved and seamlessly integrated with the design elements. This harmonious amalgamation of character, style, and the relay of information lends another layer of charisma and engagement to your product.


Our labels can be custom-made to fit various use cases and designs. Looking to label your jar of homemade honey? We’ll help you design a clear, glossy BOPP label that won’t stain when spilled. Need an eco-friendly label option to pair with your packet of cinnamon powder? We have you covered with our bio-degradable paper labeling material.


If you’re going for a strikingly vivid aesthetic or trying to highlight the decidedly unique style of your products, custom labels are the way to go. Iconic branding requires a level of specific identity that your customers can palpably discern. To intimately own a sense of style and personality, a brand needs to be visibly distinct from the competition. The array of customizations allows custom labels to offer unmatched contrast in this case.


Intelligently designed labels help highlight the salient features of your product. Meanwhile, customary information that would have otherwise been relegated to the back of the packaging can be stylishly depicted in interesting and prominent ways while accentuating your brand personality and style. Such intuitive designs are made easy through custom labels.

Product Customization

Custom Labels can be designed in many ways to appeal to your brand’s particular style statement. Label characteristics ranging from size, color, shape, and graphical illustrations to tactile elements like materials used and surface finishes can all be personalized independently. You can choose a style that pans out effortlessly with the material selection. Like pairing a transparent label with colored packaging, thus offering subtle contrast. Alternatively, choose paper labels with muted colors and display only necessary instructions and legal information. Want the surface texture to match the label finish? Pick either matte or glossy; the choice is yours.

Product Attractivity

Custom labels help underscore your brand’s values and your company’s attitude towards your customers through conveniently placed messages and maxims. You can make your commitments clear and pronounced through textual phrases and eye-catching pictorial illustrations. Likewise, you can go above and beyond regular industry norms and help your customers indulge in a warmer and more pleasant unboxing experience by allowing your products to have high-quality labeling materials and packaging.

Types of Custom Labels

Your business might offer various products. We recommend custom labels that can be made bespoke to cater to the particular requirements of each product. Labels made specifically for different use cases like weddings, businesses, events, goods, and groceries will help empower your products and services with an added touch of personality and character.

Event Labels

Fashion Event labels like a cut above the rest with vibrant and evocative designs. Custom event labels will bring life to your events and improve engagement.

Wedding Labels

Add personalized elegance to your special ceremony with custom labels made with a compelling blend of form and function. Allow ceremonious items like invitations, wine bottles, and messages to reflect the gravity of the occasion and empower the atmosphere with a richer and more exuberant attitude.

Glossy Vinyl Labels

Glossy Vinyl labels and their varieties, like rollable sheets, are versatile and resilient kits with adaptable applications for various product types. The glossy finish adds the benefit of being oil and water-repellant, perfect for withstanding the rigors of storage and shipment.

Permanent Labels

Permanent labels are offered in enduring BOPP material paired with indelible acrylic water-based adhesive resulting in a durable product with benefits including oil, water, and tear resistance.

Candle Labels

Candles are often more than a nighttime convenience. Sometimes they are intended to be artistic renditions of wax composed to be showpieces or an aesthetic inclusion for your home space. Therefore it makes sense to arm your artwork with equally pleasing and tasteful labels that enhance the recognition of your brand.

Business Labels

Deliver your institution’s custom business labels with a cohesive blend of branding and relevant information. Customize according to your business requirements while stylishly adding introductory information. Make your business paraphernalia stand out.

Custom Requirement Labels

Businesses are legally mandated to apply labels and inform customers about certain information like the contents and weight of the package, active ingredients, chemicals and preservatives used, nutritional information, instructions, and warning messages. Therefore it makes sense to design custom labels around requirements about your particular use case and necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Custom Label include?

Your product dictates the manner of style and the kind of information to include on the label itself. For example, a beverage must legally offer information like ingredients, allergen warnings, manufacturing dates, and other relevant information. Essentially, the nature of the contents of the package/container determines the characteristics of your label. Likewise, all label types can be customized extensively to suit product requirements. From build materials to the color of the text and graphics, everything can be custom-made and designed to account for things like shape, size, kind (rolls, sheets, stickers, etc.), surface finishes, and more.

Do you offer white underprinting on clear materials?

No, we do not offer white underprinting on clear materials. In this case, the clear material obfuscates the legibility of white-colored ink and transparent BOPP. Besides not being prominently visible, white ink also blends in together with the permanent acrylic water-based adhesive we use on our clear labels.

What makes a label stand out?

Exclusivity and uniqueness make it stand out. When elements like quality build materials, enticing and concise messaging, intelligent design, eccentric visuals, and added attention to detail come together to form a cohesive whole, it empowers your label to personify the character of your brand. Ideally, this seamless integration of style and branding, when professionally executed on a special package, should amount to an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Can Custom Labels help with facility organization?

Yes, labels can be a great tool for warehouse organization and portfolio management. Custom Labels printed with relevant information like specifications, stipulations, and provisions to attach to inventory help structure and organize cataloging. Categorically instructed labels aid in merchandise assortment and enumeration. Logistics is another area where designated labels can be invaluable.